Aerial Videography

Get the aerial videography to highlight your projects. From cinematographically aerials to corporate events, let PreciseSky provide you the most engaging and dramatic aerial videos.

Aerial Photography

They say the view from above is the best. Our aerial shots are stunning. Imagine how dramatic your pictures will look. Put your best foot forward and let us create the best aerial photographs. Precisesky remote-controlled aerial drones offer quality and beautiful shots. You cannot achieve these quality shots unless you use a crane or helicopter. Our drones perform much better than seasoned photographers. Today’s market requires high-end cinematography and high-quality resolution images that go beyond HD films and TV producers.


Our drone surveying service offers effective, detailed information thanks to the latest drone technology. Accurate inspection, as well as mapping, is done by some of the most experienced drone pilots.

Our drone services include building measurement surveys, topographic and volumetric surveys that offer a highly accurate view of project, area or region. We deploy very skilled people in offering drone surveys. Reduce the survey time spent collecting data, opting for our drone survey service.


PreciseSky aerial drone systems can capture higher resolution pictures that normal satellite or aircraft cannot afford. Our drones are equipped with the best state of the art cameras as well as sensors that make it easy to take pictures and other aerial data.

The data captured is transformed into 2D and 3D models for additional study. Geo- spatial and aerial maps can also be captured.

Agricultural Data Services

We offer drone solutions to farmers that enable them to do crop mapping, farm surveying, and farm spraying. Our solutions provide our clients with the peace of mind that comes with eradicating crop diseases due to our effective drone spraying capability.

Our database of farmers is growing every day, a testimony of how our drone system is effective. We have been offering drones for agriculture for some seasons now. Please reach out toward today with your needs.

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