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Only pay: $999 | You save $300 by getting this combo package.

Drone Experts

We live and breath drones. Get top quality instruction and plenty of flight time to up your game or get started in the drone business.

Complete Training Package

These 3 courses are what you need to start or run your drone business. They are comprehensive and comprise lots of hands-on training with friendly and patient instructors.

Pass the Test

Our drone experts have gone through certification ourselves. We passed in the 95% percentile! We aim to get you to pass your FAA Part 107 with flying colors.

FAA Certified Instructors

Our instructors have been in the trenches. We have experienced the curveballs in the testing and are ready. However, we go beyond just getting you to pass tests. We prepare you for the real world environment of drones.


We get it. This is new technology. This is cutting edge stuff that is literally changing and improving as I write this. To ensure you stay on top of everything, make sure you check out our blog section. We also offer on-going assistance for our customers. If you have a project you want to collaborate on, please contact us. We are always up for exciting new projects.

The law is pretty clear. If you get caught receiving any compensation, monetary or otherwise, you can face stiff fines from the FAA. They want to make sure folks who take up drones, understand the rules of the road. Personally, I think this is a good idea. While the test can be intimidating, you can pass it with the right coaches and training. We can get you there.

Here’s a pop quiz (from the actual FAA Part 107 test):

Which of the following operations would be regulated by 14 CFR 107?

  • Conducting public operations during a search mission
  • Flying for enjoyment with family and friends
  • Operating your sUAS for an imagery company

Did you guess the right answer?

We understand that for some, this might be the first exposure to drones. Feel free to come check out our aircraft first. We will even let you play with some of the hardware to familiarize yourself. We know investing in drones is not cheap so take your time. Make sure you get the right training to be able to select the best drone to fit your needs.

You can absolutely take each course separately. We found that combining them gets you the biggest bang for your investment. For example, once you complete your test online training and your test prep, it can be useful to do some in-person drone flight training. This way, the concepts you learned will be crystallized in your mind. You can also ask about the business of drones and aerial systems. Having said all this, feel to take each course on your own schedule.

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