Are you looking for a company with the combination of drone technologies and competence that can support any government aviation exploration ambitions? PreciseSky is a standout drone application service provider that offers drone systems and solutions for any situation.

We offer drone solutions to governments that enable law enforcement surveillance, emergency services, disaster recovery, city planning, and medicine delivery as well as for delivery of government vital documents and medicine.

Surveillance drones

We provide drones for surveillance needs to government and agencies with the mandate to offer security. Our drone surveillance technologies make it easy to monitor and record whatever is taking place in your environs. We adhere to prevailing legal framework regulating drone applications.

Construction management

We provide drones that can be used by government officers to visit construction sites and have an aerial view of the site. Precisesky offers drones that fly autonomously and need no pilot. You can use our drones to gather high-resolution aerial images and videos that are forwarded wireless to a cloud storage server. Through Precisesky drones, you can gather valuable data online anytime you need it.

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