Drones collecting, wait for it, Whale Snot

Don Weobong 10th,Jun, 2017

So for the queasy ones out there, you might want to stop reading now. Drones are now being used to collect samples from whales, specifically whale snort. This is so cool even Patrick Stewart lent his good name to this effort.

Why drones, why whales? Well, it turns out whales are suffering from the effects of ocean pollution and other challenges like noise pollution, overfishing, ocean acidification and other nasty man-made difficulties. The health effects of these challenges are getting more severe.

For scientists, getting access to the patient helps with understanding the problems and potentially prescribing solutions. The problem as you can probably tell is how to get access to these massive patients.

A nifty little tool has come to the rescue of whales and other seafaring animals; the humble drone. Scientists from the Ocean Alliance have been working with aerial robotics systems (drones) to help them get closer access to whales and other animals in other to study them and if lucky gather samples and data which goes to further understanding.

The SnotBot project which had a very successful SnotBot Kickstarter run has been an exciting piece of this approach.

Here’s what the whole story:

Don’t forget to support these conservation projects. These scientists are doing some cool things and these drone pilots, are living the life on the high seas.



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