Drone Pilot Training

Drones and other aerial robotics are simply awesome. However, you need training if you want to get the most from your investments.

Our Mavic, Phantom and Inspire training will help you master beginner level skills and quickly take your skills to a pro level.

Why choose PreciseSky?

Our in-person drone pilot training curriculum includes:

Pre-flight Checklists

This session focuses on critical pre-flight inspections and checklists every drone operator should understand and undertake. Your equipment is only as good as your own diligence and attention to detail. Pre-flight Checklists enable to be meticulous in evaluating the state of your equipment.

FAA Rules

Do you know the maximum altitude you should fly your remote aircraft? How about flying over people? Do you know that flying at night is prohibited? These are just a few of the FAA’s rules you have to know. Our classes will help you understand and apply the law. You will also be able to learn how to apply for waivers for various operations.

Airspace Understanding

Have you heard some horror story about drones and manned aircraft? Well as a remote pilot, you should know what a manned aircraft pilot means when they announce they are left downwind of an airport. Also, know about the various airspaces: Classes A, B, C, D, E, F, and G will help you stay in the and enjoy your flight time.

Equipment Components and Use

Your unmanned aerial system or drone is an expensive and complex piece of engineering. Know how it reacts to winds, weather and other atmospheric conditions. The more familiar you are with the tech you are flying, the easier it is to react appropriately to unforeseen circumstances. Plus the better you take care of your equipment, the longer it will last and serve you well.

Precision Flying

Have you seen a mesmerizing video online and wondered how they got that shot? It’s all in the handling and the pilot’s skills. Precision flying is a learned skill. With practice and the right coach and trainers, you will learn to master the tools and tricks of the trade. If you can handle precision flying, you are going to enjoy flying and more importantly make some serious money.

Flying Modes

We love flying DJI products but there are many other drone models out there. Many of these drones come packed with sophisticated software. The various flying modes like Tripod, Follow me, Spotlight (Pro), Terrain, Point of Interest (POI) are all waiting to be explored. Let us help open the world of flying to you.

General Software Needs

Capturing great footage is the first step in your aerial videography journey. You want to be able to share your exploits with your friends, clients, and others. We will teach you the best software tools to use to capture and process cinema quality graphics and videos.

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