Why PreciseSky? Why drones?

PreciseSky is passion, professionalism, productivity.


From the first time we took to the skies, it was clear, this is a game changer. There’s something about viewing our world from above that is magical. Then came the realization, whoa, if we can do this what else can we do?

So we started exploring. This lead us to mapping, surveying, orthomosiacs, 3-D, search and rescue, urban planning, sports, education … We could go on. We know that drones have their share of controversy but there’s no denying the good that drones can and do provide in our world. Drones have delivered vaccines in remote parts of the world. Drones have brought life-saving medications or aerial data to ensure that disaster relief services are able to locate lives. Drones have opened up a new arena in sports, technology, and videography. We are 100% in. Are you?


Once you got past the passion, we quickly realized that as a new technology, there is a lot to learn. There are rules to abide by and there are expectations and standards to uphold. We are professionals certified by the United States Government. We are licensed FAA Remote pilots. We earned our privilege to serve and we take it seriously.

Our work speaks for itself. The highest levels of care and planning go into each mission. We will abort a mission if safety concerns are raised. We prefer to lose money by rejecting certain projects than to put safety and property at risk. That’s just how we operate. We believe is the principles of simplicity, and innovation and we strive to earn and keep your trust each day.


Drones are fun! There’s no denying that.  However, we are also a business. We know that for many customers delivering value is crucial to their operations and bottom line. That is why our commitment to our customers is high-quality products and savings in time and money. Our people will work with you to get the best results at the most cost effective investment.


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